Our Expertise

W.C.I. serves the Southern Puget Sound region of Washington State. We have built a reputation among land developers, engineers and home owners as a company providing a high quality of workmanship combined with the ability to save money by ways of design review and innovation.

If excavating or real estate development is what you need, W.C.I. has the expertise in all areas of sitework construction and we will be happy to bid on your construction or real estate development project.

Whatever your project mandates you can rest assured of having your needs met or surpassed with friendly, knowledgeable personnel. Our land development experience includes more than 40 years and we employ experienced personnel so that every aspect of your construction meets the highest standards in the industry. Sitework construction, excavating, parcel developing or real estate development are only a few of the areas our extensive experience covers. For your sitework project, land developing or excavation needs, call an experienced contractor - Wilder Contractor, Inc.

Take the time to review the information in our Web site to know more about what we do, how your work should proceed and who you need to provide your site work needs. We are sure you'll find that W.C.I. will be your first and best choice for your land development and site work construction.